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  1. Hey to all you guys here on the forum. Im looking to start an indoor grow with this setup:
    PC Case: 40 cm tall 20 cm wide and 50 cm long.
    Light: 125w bulb @2700K dont know if its hps or cfl but heres the picture 125 W Plug&grow kvet-so zabudovaným predradníkom

    The strain I want to grow if Northern lights by nirvana. Do you think that this will make me some potent flower to smoke? Im planning to grow 1 max 2 plants in my pc box.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ehm, my Cech is not that good, but by the looks of it's CFL.
    Isn't PC growing for the smallest of plants, such as lowrider etc? Northern lights can grow quite a bit when flowering so you need to train in someway I guess.

    Oh btw, here's a quick translation:
    Plug & Grow Lamp 125W-red light for flower
    - Built-in ballast = easy installation
    temperature of 2700K chromaticity
    - saving
    - safe
    low value-
    -great results in low operating costs
    Lamp Plug & Grow produce unnecessary heat, so it may be placed 3-4 cm above the plants, there is no burning. Plants make use of more light than conventional discharge lamps.

    Ayeto and good luck with your grow!
  3. Ive said this so many times lately, but you will fail if you try this. It seems like a good idea to every first time grower, but PC cases are like nearly impossible to pull off unless you are well versed on the basics at least. The fact that you think you might put 2 plants in that box is a little telling lol.

    Try it if you must, but really you need to figure out a full height option for learning... something 150cm at least tall. if you are dead set on the pc grow (for whatever reason people are) then yea you probably want to go LED but id get something reputable and or use CFLs.

    Read up in the plant training section here too... LST is your best bet.
  4. I agree with the above. First time grows wanna grow in a PC case....that in itself is a challange not to mention its a first grow and the basics have not yet been applied. Cannabis grows pretty big even small ones can get big or bushy.
  5. I have grown weed before, outdoors. I got caught and had to get rid of the stash to say the least. I want to grow indoors now, stealthly. Im planning to have my box running when im at home/sleeping and when I go to school I turn the box off so it doesnt produce smells and noise. Im planning to cut up some cardboard and use mylar for light reflection also. Ive found an alternative to the light. An HPS bulb 150w with 17000 lm (im not sure what it stands for) It says that the bulb is E40 so i need some kind of socket for it..wonder where i could get that.
  6. welp im done here lol...

  7. I don't really understand how you plan on translating your outdoor grow to fit inside of a pc case. On top of that you think that an extra plant could even fit in there. Right now I have two plants growing and they are each using up 2.5 Square feet. I understand you want to go small, but you lose so much yield that its not practical. You need space for these things to grow. A tent that is 6 feet tall is ideal rather than squeezing them into a little pc case thats no more than 18 inches tall. If you have to use metric instead, then a simple way to put it is that one of my plants is 50 cm wide and about that tall also. Your little pc case might maybe yield you less than 1/8 OZ worth of weed in a 4 month grow which may last you a few days to a week as far as smoking goes. You could let it run every day, but it still won't take long to smoke that small harvest.

    Also, I'm not understanding how you can just shut it off and stop these plants from stinking or producing smells. Please enlighten us on how thats possible since most of us use expensive carbon filters to eliminate our odor 24/7. Maybe did you mean that you can shut the light off? The light will run on a cycle, however, you can not shut the smell off. All we can do is contain it with high quality (Phresh Filter) filters.
  8. 17000 lm = 17000 lumens... Lumens = the output of light

    For Example: a 50 watt T5 light will put out more Lumens than a 100 watt CFL.
    Lumens are what you want.

  9. Sorry if you are misinformed but lumens are only the brightness of the light that WE see..has nothing to do with plants(although it does help it figure out how bright the bulb is and how much space it will cover)

    PAR is what you should be looking into for the OUTPUT of usable photosynthetic light

    Also yes 50 watt t5's put out more lumens but they take more space than cfls

    if you are trying to do an indoor grow and want something stealthy get a dresser or wardrobe(you can find them easy on craigslist & at yard sales fairly cheap) also something to think about would be that you will need room for your pots,carbon filter(if your going for stealth),fans, space for plant growth,and your lights

    you would probably be much happier if you go with led's because with cfl's you are going to need to put the bulbs alot closer and have to move them alot ALSO led's put off less heat
  10. Agree with the above. Lumens is just one aspect of a light. All Lumens is a measure of is how bright is a light to a human eye. It measures nothing else really. PAR is a much more accurate measure.

    A good example is you can have 20,000 lumens but if the PAR is wrong then no plant growing for you. PAR measures the precise spectrum a plant needs/requires which is a pretty narrow band on a spectrum chart.

    Even the more expensive HID bulbs have been putting PAR ratings lately.

  12. When you turn the lights off, the smells doesn't go away. To make it go away you need a filter exhaust.

  13. LOL just realized it said that thats great....

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