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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. i have an hps fixture and it can only have up to a 70 watt light its on my plants with 60 watts of flouros in a 6 ft high 3 ft wide and 3 long is that good enough to flower two plants i can probably get more flouros but i dont think i can aford another hps so hope u guys can help thx
  2. could someone help me out.
  3. it will suffice for now, if at all possible for future grows see if you can add another 70 hps. you will bud, but you may not be happy with the end result. sorry.
  4. what if i add more florous?
  5. floros emit a blue spectrum. blue spectrum is fine for vegn, but is not enough umph for flowering. hps emit red spectrum, which mimicks a setting sun, or shorter day light. this is what helps trigger flowering and forces the buds to get fat, the final lifecycle to either spread seed, or make some grower very, very happy with sensi bud
  6. but to answer your guestion, yes you will get budz from floros, they will be airy, not dense, but you will produce. now on OG ive seen some very nice floro grows. it can be done, but they use a lot.
  7. to answer that question beter... lol get some warm white bulbs if you get more floros this also emits more of a sunlike light and its not the type of light that triggers flowering at all dread lol its the time cycle of the day and the time of year helps a lot too but you are right HPS will definetly get you bigger denser and all around beter buds but if you are a poor mofo like me then floros, a lot of them mind you does the trick.
  8. i should have stated the obvious, :) i know the hps doesnt trigger flowering, its the loss of sunlight after the summer solstice that does, the hps light when you go 12/12 mimics the loss of light, or the red spectrum from a setting sun which starts flowering :)
  9. look at it this way bro. u have 9 sq ft to fill and only 130Watts of light. recommended is 50 - 70 watts of light per sq foot. you're only getting 14W per sq ft. thats kind of a big area for that little bit of light.

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