light question ( not a really dumb one i hope )

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Purilite, May 3, 2006.

  1. Ok I found a ligh fixture almost identical to this one. Has the light in it and everything.
    Got some questions
    1.) Does this need a ballast...if any one can tell. Or does it have a built in one?
    2.) The power cord is cut. Is it hard to fix? ( what tools would i need? )
    Thanks ahead of time.:wave:
  2. Looks like a built in ballast.

    No, it's not difficult to fix you just need to find the voltage it uses and find an adaptor or cord of the same voltage and splice it together with some cable twists and electrical tape.
  3. OK great i think i can get my hands on 3 of them one a hps the other 2 mh :)
  4. Lucky you :)
  5. I have a lamp that is 120 Volts / 60 HZ. Will this be suitable for growing one plant? For anyone who is reading this and finds this question to be sure they got a good laugh out of it.:p

  6. First off, start you own thread instead of hijacking someone else's. If it's a question related to the ensuing discussion that's one thing but you have a brand-new question.

    Second, all you are telling us is the kind of electricity that lamp needs. 120v is standard household current (in the US anyway) and 60 HZ is the cycle rate of the current, again the US standard.

    All you have told us is you have a lamp that works on standard USA electricity. I suggest you read up in the Grow Guides and sticky posts throughout the grow section, you will learn all the basics that way.
  7. Hijacking someones thread? LMAO
  8. this isnt united 93
  9. 93 = True Will
  10. wtf? i just noticed you have 93 in your sig. LOL, whats it supposed to mean?
  11. Thats the same things i use for side lighting. Yes just cut an extension cord and join it to the wires comoing out of it and Vwala, your done.

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