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  1. How much space will a 1000watt HPS light cover effectively?
    and @ what height above the canopy should it be kept precisely?
    Canopy is fairly even with a slight stadium effect, and currently
    lit by 6x1000watt HPS @ a height of about 12"-15"
  2. 1 1000w hps will cover an 8 X 8 area, but id say more like a 7 x 7 or 6 x 6, & place your hand at the tops of your plants w/ your lights at 18" away, if its too hot for your hand after 1min then raise it till your hand can stand the heat. then hang a string w/ a nut or something on string from the hood to the tops of plant, this way you always know when to raise your lights.
  3. heres a visual for ya!
    and I raised the lights so I could take pics,
    been in bud for 1 week

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  4. as far what your light will cover there is a more accurate way to determine what your light will cover. a standerd 1000w hortilux buld puts out 145,000 lumens, and you can not utilize all of your light cause your plant can grow around the whole bulb, so with a good reflector or hood you can get about 90% so really you get about 130500 lumens, and a mj plant can survive as low as 2500 LU per square foot but a good lighting enviorment would be like 5000 LU per square foot and great lighting in my opinion would be like 6500 LU /squarefoot. but if you just go with 5000 then take the total of 130500 and devide by 5000 and thats how many square feet you should use.
    130500 devided by 5000=26.1 sqr.ft.

    well 5 feet by 5 feet would equal 25 sqr. ft.

    but like I said a plant can grow in 2500 LU per Sqr. Ft. so you could do 8X8 i could work, guess it is up to you. Dont forget you loose light in the short 18in. distance to top of the plants. thats why people use cooled hood I like my plants to be 6 in from the light, I have heavy cooling though, best of luck hope that helps.
  5. yea I know all of the technical jibber jabber that goes with it,
    want info from somebody who knows first hand how to maximize efficiency, thanx anyways yo.
  6. well I have been doing this a while and yeah I trying to tell you light efficiency is important to a strong yield. use a larger bulb on a smaller space, for us we have 2 1000w on tracks, seems to work real good. your sort of ass for calling jibber jabber, your karma will follow you.
  7. what Im sayin is, I dont want to go too far apart, I got 4'x4' per bulb in my head and I thought that was alot until I heard 8'x8'from you and jcj, so I think im gonna do 4'x4'.
    right now theyre 3 feet apart so Im gonna spread em apart tonite. I want to have lots of BIG sticky resin coated buds in 8 weeks, and its gonna take proper use of my equiptment & time, & some help from the City!
  8. wow man, your grow is prime... big paycheck? er big fat personal bag? haha
  9. 4' x 4' per 1000W light is what I've always done. In the past I've averaged as high as 3 oz per plant with this method. My room looked just like yours except the plants were on a slightly sloped drainage table elevated about 1' off the ground. What really made all the difference was good quality horizontal reflectors. I use supersun 2 hoods with 6" air cooled ducting. A window A/C unit feeds directly into the reflectors keeping the temps quite low. I moved about 6 months back and I've been going through hell trying to get my new setup as efficient as the old one.

    Your room looks nice. Brings back a lot of memories.
  10. I've been reading Marijuana Horticulture and am reading the lighting sections right now. This should be useful to you :)

  11. 1000W over a 6' x 6' area is not going to give the results suspect is looking for (see his other posts about his grows). In order to get big, thick colas like he has he needs to keep the light intensity up. Spreading the light over all that additional space will cause airy nuggets, which as we all know are no good.
  12. What I have always done with my 1000watters is keep them lighting a 4x4 table each.. what I have found is that when my canopy exceeds and hangs over the edges of the 4x4 is when I pull the most weight.. the key to producing good yields is to have an extremely full canopy and not limit your width and length.. I would prefer to have a 1000w lighting 5x5 because in the 10 extra square feet you get your other .25 per watt your looking for to add to your .75 per watt you always get.. ehehe.. so basically I think the moral is the more space you allow the lamp to light, the more wieght your going to pull, because in more space they're is obviously more canopy.. and more canopy is more nugs for your harvest..
  13. Whats the most plant you would shove under one 1000 watts light bulb??

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