Light-proofing door on closet

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  1. I need some help with my setup, i have got an old closet off a mate for growing, however when designing a fairly decent grow room for personal use, I realised that my closet is not light proof. At all. The cracks are only in the door frame, and I thought about using sealant and kinda realised that if i did then i would be able to open the door lol.
    This is what im talking about
    Sorry about crap ipod camera, its all i could find.

    This is my closet open

    I have not fit anything in yet, however i plan on using one 200w cfl with reflector mounted on the top with 2 25w cfls mounted on the sides. Of course i would just change them to the correct heat temperature based on stage of plant growth. I was also planning to paint the inside instead of getting mylar, however i need a light proof solution first.

    Thanks to all that reply :)
  2. You should use a flap, at home depot they sell rolls of door sealant sticky foam rolls. You can just roll it along the edge of one door and the other door will close on top of it

  3. In addition to using that sticky foam tape, to not only seal light leaks, but seal the air chamber, I recommend using Panda Film to line your walls with, to not only help reflect light, but keep it from peeping out of the cracks. I'd make an inner lining, and use a tarp zipper on the Panda Film, inside the doors.
  4. The cracks might be too tight for weatherstripping. If so, then hang a simple curtain rod on the inside of the cabinet and hang a blanket or curtain that extends all the way to the top and bottom and overlaps the sides.
  5. Thank you all for the advice
  6. Panda film and a zipper is the way to go. way better than mylar

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