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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by loventhesmell, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. ok i need maybe a list of outdoor and indoor lighting times like whats the lowest amount of time and the highest with out harming the plant
  2. Outside, I have 6 plants right now who get full sun, from morning to night and water them real good about once a week and they do pretty well.

    So i guess about 10 to 12 hours of sun is what i get, depending on cloud conditions and weather!

    They've gone up to 4 days straight without light before because of the rain tease but had no problems.
  3. Indoors, while the plant is in veg, people usually have the lights on either constantly (24/7) or on 18 hours, off 6 (18/6).
  4. ok i have 1 plant jus plant today with the root comin out a lil so tomarow will be the first day what do i do to it like amounts of water and ext. thanx
  5. thanx man you helped a lot with this whole this thing well thanks again !

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