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light problem...!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. Well i had a light problem in the living room when the bulb blew in the i had the brainstorm of lighting up the living room with my MH as i'm using the HPS at the moment for the living room is bright....a very white light.....all the people outside are probably thinking that there's an exorcism going on or out....Sid
  2. hey woody just as you said that my g/f complained that the light was too bright....(well it was right next to her) so i had to take the bulb from my bedroom and put it in the all's quiet on the western front.....i would have just bouught a new one from the 24 hour store but it's a few miles away and i'm pished on stella artois as i finished at 3.30pm today.....and the beer was on offer in safeway....12 cans for £8.99....and a back-up supply of woody!! how was that joint???? out....Sid
  3. yeah beer over here is really expensive...the stellla is only 5.2% over i'd love to get some cheap hoegaarden...i love that stuff....the average can of beer from an off-sales will cost you 80p to £1.00.......the cheapest offer you get from safeway is 24 cans of stalla for £15.99 and that's only every couple of weeks....well good luck with the harvest....remember to take pics of the process for me as i'm gonna be chopping my plant next week hopefully and the photos of the proccess will come in helpfull......Peace out....Sid
  4. I can get some pretty cheap beer in off-licences where I live.

    I LOVE Miller's Draught... some brand from the US... it's 5.5% (eh...) but about 49p a bottle where I go.

    You've gotta shop around if you want it cheap.
  5. yeah but the only thing about bottles is that it sounds like a great deal but then you realise that a bottle is 330ml and a can is usually 440ml or 550ml...quite a difference usually i've gotta dig out the out....Sid
  6. One time the lights went out at my house. The only way I could see to get around was the flash attachment on my camera. I got 146 pictures of my kitchen. The neighbors called the police and reported lightning in my house.

    *Courtesy of Steven Wright*
  7. one time the lights went out at the house, i went to sleep

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