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    Hi GC..

    I currently have an indoor grow with several female plants which were grown 12/12 from seed.

    Today the lights were accidentally left on for 4 hours more than the 12 hour required. As soon as i saw that I shut the lights off.:eek: (I have a timer but I was doing some mods to the closet)

    What effect will this have on my plants? Will it cause serious damage? I'm kinda worried about it now.:confused:

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Well first of all no. I don't think this is going to cause significant damage to your ladies, but that could be wrong depending on the strain. If you know what kind of strain you have look it up and read everything about your strains sensitivity. Secondly why were you growing at 12/12 from seed? typically you'd be giving your ladies more light from seed anyway. But once again your strain could require non-typical lighting. you would normally switch to 12/12 to encourage flowering. All of this said I think everything will be fine. just get back to your normal schedule.

    sincerely, herbislove.

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