light pricing question.

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  1. Because has millions of customers and your local hydro shop has hundreds.
  2. Most locally owned hydro and head shops charge arms and legs BECAUSE THEY CAN. Online is where it's at.

  3. ah that makes sense.

    amazon is the way to go then!

    thanks dude! i swear you help everyone in every thread, you are becoming a GC prodigy :D
  4. Instead of making a new thread i will just ask in this one. Because i only plan to grow 3-4 plants i purchased the 150w hps. I know that light alone is not enough for flower i have 5 cfls that say 24w on them from a previous grow. I am wondering if the hps/cfl combo will be enough to get some nice dense buds. I will be using a t5 system for veg and for nutes i will be using grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom. Will i be good to go?
  5. Why not just change out your veg T-5 bulbs for T-5 bulbs in the 2700-3000K range for flowering?

    How many lumens is your T-5 system putting out?

    Oh, your CFLs should put out about 2000 lumens each, but check your temperature. If they are in the 2700-3000K range, they are good for flowering. If they are 5000-7000K range, they are good for veg. If they are between 3500-4800K, they are good for nothing.

    Bak Alchisk
  6. Local hydro stores have higher overhead to cover (rent, store displays, more employees, administering local sales tax) and do not have the economies of scale that Amazon does.

    But you can do cheaper at HTGSupply-dot-com.

    And further, you don't want the ballast integrated into the hood, that means that the heat from the ballast will be introduced into your grow space.

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