light on or off??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by qz420, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. hey everyone I've got some germinated seeds that haven't sprouted leaves yet and I was just wondering if I should have my light off or if I should have my light on...
  2. depends on the light.
  3. seeds buried in the soil need no light,
  4. keep the lights on
  5. untill you see green or leaves, you dont need light yet.

    instead bury them in a red party cup and put some saran wrap over the top for moisture luck, that will help it break the soil, once it does that, time to say 'let there be light' and play god with your little baby

    good luck
  6. If they aren't above the soil yet, then they don't need light. I like to light mine anyway because it provides a little heat and I think it helps encourage them to grow to the light. I've screwed around with and without and have found that with the light on I get about 2/3 of them up faster than with the light off.
  7. I would keep the light on
  8. and god saw that it was good, and it was good
  9. I'm not quite sure that the color of the cup would help much, blue and other colors should also work equally well. Unless ofcourse you are fond of red
  10. Say are you saying god saw that it was good (well), and that someone else has to support that it was good, or that the fact that he is god, makes it good. What did he do with the bad ones? Then why/how would he make bad ones, infallibility?
  11. I sprout my seeds under 1,000 wattt MH, and they sprout in 2-4 days. I have always sprouted seeds under light, and they all sprout within a week. Just a note: if you are using HID's, don't get them too close, where as flourescents are the opposite you can get them as close as 2 inches, maybe even closer.

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