Light on bud sites?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Taz421, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. My closet is crowded with plants and there all budding. I have a 500watt hps im running in a small coat closet. I have3 plants in there. The light isent really getting to the bottom of the plants / bud sites. i was thinking about putting a 45 watt cfl with like 4000 lumens. Or a led spot light about the same lumens or a few cfls... Would this help the buds form on the bottom of the plant?
  2. my ? Was if i put lights under the plants will that help my plants durring budding phase?
  3. Yes any extra light to get to the bud sites is always a good thing

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  4. Yes it will help, but put them to the side of the plant and reflect the light into it. Underneath won't have as much effect. Especially since the top of the leaves is what catches the light.

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  5. 20170707_101239.jpg some leaves in my dwc bucket are dryed out n dead. What could cause this.. I have a little heat stress but if the heat was doing this wouldn't the top half my plant be doing the same thing . where its actually hot. I have thermometers in the closet. Its over 10° cooler in the bottom of the closet
  6. Looks like a mess. Trim all that stuff up. Helps with airflow, prevents mold.
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  7. If you clean up all that dead crap your lights will penetrate further into the plant. Not good to have dead leaves hanging around - invites bugs. What's the temperature of your rez?
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