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    I'm beginning of week 9 flowering and I've been on 12/12 entire time. My question is, the buds seem to be at a standstill so I set it to 11:45/12:15 more dark, decreasing light by 15 minutes... Is that ok? Should I continue to decrease in 15 minute intervals? If so, how often? And if not, should I just shave off another 45 minutes and go 11/13?? I'm looking for best results, speeding things up, but not exactly losing any potency/weight or shocking my girls! Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated.

    P.s. I know that plants naturally receive at least 5 minutes less of light per day at end of flowering when outdoors. Anyone ever tried this indoors? My timer only has 15 minute intervals.
  2. If ur at week 9 it's might be ready for harvest
  3. cut your losses, cut your light hours. It's what I'd do.

  4. This is what I'm beginning to think. I think I'm tricking myself into believing there's more swelling that's bound to occur, but I may be wrong! :(
  5. Ya. Most swelling happens in week 6-8

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