Light/nutrient/yield question.

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  1. This is what I would like to do :

    1. I would like to use a mother plant and put the clones directly into a flowering cycle, and water them using the wick hydroponic method .

    2. What I really need to know is what type of light do I need for the mother, and about 20 clones. (I wouldent be cutting all the clones at once, I would proably plant new clones at a rate of 3 clones every 2 weeks). From what I have read putting clones directly into flowering light cycle will give them a growth spurt of about 6" then they will begin to flower, skipping the veg process. I'm not sure if this is going to require a smaller light, thus decreasing cost of this adventure, but thats what I'm hoping.

    3. I also need to know what the simplest nutrient formula is for the mother, and the flowering clones (the clones will always be flowering so I don't need to know about veg nutrient's for them). It would also be helpful to know what the best/simplest premixed soil to use is.

    4. Last but most important what do you think my yield would be using this setup.

    My aim here is not for top shelf quality but for a steady yield that does not need much upkeep. I would also like to keep cost in mind. I'm fairly sure this setup will make its money back, but I don't have a large initial investment to make. Any and all help is much appreciated glad there is a place I can get advice from experts such as yourselves.

    I'm going to use old furniture to house everything so please don't factor in the box for the mother and clones.
  2. A mother will thrive under 3 large compact fluorescent lights and a single 2 foot T5 fluorescent for the clone tray. Stress will reduce yield so I recommend a quick toning to the rooted clones if possible before initiating flowering. If you can afford it and have the space I would keep rooted clones under a 100-250w metal halide light. This will get them toned and ready for the intense light while flowering. Use the right light for your flowering space. What is the flowering room sq ft?

    Mothers need lots of mag and calcium added to a balanced NPK formula. For mothers in soil I like foxfarm ocean forest soil. It's packed with everything you need for the first month or two after that add fox farm "grow big" liquid veg formula with a cal/mad added and hydrozyme as an enzyme supplement., pH 6.3. For Hydro (veg); I have found General Hydroponics floral formula works great (don't forget the cal/mag and Hygrozyme) pH 6.0-6.3.

    I use Advanced Nutrient's connoisseur for my flowering formula with hygrozyme added. This is by far the best hydro formula on the market. Check out the grow off at: [ame=]YouTube - Nutrient Challenge Advanced Nutrients[/ame]

    As for yields you should shoot for a half gram per watt of light divided by 30 days. If you are hitting that mark you are on your way to success. Keep in mind that Cannabis likes intense light, comfortable temp (72 degree), low humidity (50 %)and lots of food and water. Give her what she needs and she will thrive.

    Hope this helps
  3. So I can make this grow happen with florescent? I did not think that was an option, I imagine this will decrease cost a lot (and energy bill???). My grow space is going to be a 3' long, 1.5' high, 1' deep cabinet. Might increase the hight depending of the size of the lights i end up using. going to separate 1' of the length for the mother, 2' for the clones. Going to line the walls with tinfoil (or some better reflector if someone knows of one).

    Those nutrients still confuse me, can I just buy a premixed one at a garden store with the right P-H-K balance? If so what is the right balance for mother, and clones.

    Is there a more effective flowering cycle then 12-12?
  4. lol that vid is such a set up .... but good advice, welcome to the city 420 Consultant.

    here is the whole grow for the vid ..

    [ame=]YouTube - Marijuana Nutrient Challenge[/ame]

    yes there are a few diffrent "mixes" you can buy.. but really look for a nice and simple/basic 3 part ( vegging, bloom, and micro) pretty much any hydro nutrient company will make this series.

    personally I use General Hydroponics ( cheap and been around for 30 + years)...but many can be used with the "lucas formula" ( see my sig for a link ) which is pretty forgiving for a hydro solution.

    and a 50/50 cocoa coir/hydroton might be better for your grow then verm/pera in that wick system, in my opinion.

    peace and giood luck

    ohh yeah . and a guess of yield, would be just that... a guess
  5. Yes, many growers have raised successful crops under florescent lighting. The most frequent complaint is the lack of density that only a HID or natural sunlight can offer. Your grow space is tight so heat would be a major hurdle for you if you were using anything other than fluorescents.

    Nutrients are the easy part. Just use a high quality 3 part formula like General Hydroponics Floralgro/floralbloom/floramirco. Just follow the feeding instructions and don't forget a pH meter. Most nutrient deficiencies are a result of pH fluctuation left uncorrected and poor water quality.

    Tin foil is only around 10% reflective. Flat white paint is 97% reflective. Mylar is 99% reflective. Flat white paint is cheap and easy to apply.
  6. Thx.

    I agree on the 50/50 cocao coir / hygroton mix and the GH formula for beginners. The most important thing is for him to get his feet wet and start playing in the dirt.

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