Light mover modification advice please.

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  1. Ok, I am changing my setup right now. I have a 6'x10' ScrOG and I am ordering a light mover for it for better results. Thing is I need a light mover that is 9', found them, but I need it to run two lights. Now I know you can get an add-a-light kit to go with them. They normally go on 6' movers though so I imagine they are designed for the other light to be 6' away(I have never seen a light mover in person...). I want to modify it to move two lights on a 9' rail 4.5' apart. The rail has set points where you can set "turn-around" points so I could use that. But can I modify the add-a-light kit to have the other light be only 4.5' away? And should I use a 6 RPM or a 10 RPM?
  2. Never mind. Found EXACTLY what I need. Check this mover out.

    Star Track

    Called and he explained how I can easily modify this unit to do anything I want it to, including adding another light spaced at any distance from the first as I want it. Most effective would be off center of half the rail so as never cross the two effective light triangles, or at least by no more than one quarter the distance of one side of the triangle(explained later). Also, as I read the features I thought of a problem that I quickly came up with a solution to and thought I'd share. Since you can completely control your speed and delay with the motor I wanted to know how long I should have it delay. And then I thought about that. Well since your effective light on a light mover is aproximately a triangle of distance equal to the distance from your bulb to the canopy times 1.5. So if you time how long your light needs to cover that distance on the rail at the speed you have it running then this is what you want to set your end delays for maximum effect and an even canopy. Perfect for ScrOG. Also the width of your canopy should be this distance from the center of your bulb or less since the end of a bulb emits much less than the sides. If your bulb ends are in-line with your rail this would change things accordingly... Hope this helps someone.

    BTW this is a good way to determine your effective, and equal, lighting. And this will help you determine what size canopy you want, or how many lights you need for the canopy you want for uniform results.
  3. I might be overthinking this a little but I want an EXTRENELY DIALED IN system. No point wasting things. If you grow indoors then you nearly completely control the plants environment, might as well control it the best you can...

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