Light Leaks??

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  1. So light in the flower room if very very indirect from across the room where you can't even really see the plants from it is bad?? Plants in flower 35 days. Remember the moon is brighter than what I am talking about... Thanks.
  2. My box has some light leaks, and it doesn't seem to be a big deal. I just keep the lights off in that room if possible. You don't need to grow in a dark room, but if you can seal those holes more, do so. I recommend weather stripping.

    You only have 0.27-1 lux to play with when dealing with moon light, so are you sure?
  3. I have seen mixed responses about this.

    My tent has a vent on the bottom towards the back. It lets in very very little light, but it is detectable by peeking through. But I have never had a herm. (knock on wood)
  4. @I have this: Yeah man I totally know what your saying.
  5. I spent alot of time and effort to make sure the cabinet is light tight including gluing the joints and calking all seams. i even built the fresh air intake in such a way no light comes in through the vent and my exhaust is grafted into my chimney. i went the extra mile because i hate problems i could have avoided . this forum , my outdoor experience and a good friend have shown me why it should be done right. I believe a small amout of light at a bad time can damage what i worked and waited months to get... i wont take that chance.
  6. I thought the same thing about the moon for awhile, but its a different kind of light. The lumens that it puts out is a completely different spectrum from white light, thats why the moon doesnt effect outdoor growers. I had a harvest that had some pretty bad light leaks, and out of the whole crop maybe found 1 or 2 under-developed seeds. I think it depends on how much stress that plant has endured as well... if the light leaks are constant, not like lights going on and off every other hour, I would assume less stress so they'd probably be ok. Worst comes to worst, you have some seeds to try out:D
  7. The moon light is different spectrum though... just like how if you need to do anything to your plants during the dark cycle, you use green lights to see by... you can still see just fine, but its not going to affect the plants at all... same goes for the moon. Its the spectrum of lighting, not just the lumens.

  8. The moon is not green. Nor is the light in the green spectrum. It is the sun's light reflected. So I am not sure how it could be some mysterious different spectrum. Not saying you're wrong, just intuitively that doesn't make any sense.
  9. well if the moon's light effected plants, then nature would be a mess and alot of things would be hermies...
  10. Any surface, including the moon, has the potential to change the spectrum of any light it reflects. But the issue with the moon and MJ plants is that it simply is a very tiny amount of actual light, much less than we think. Remember that we perceive light, and the moon looks bright to our eyes because of the contrast against the pitch black sky.

    It's true that there is a minimal amount of light that the plants can tolerate. The problem with giving any advice on that is that one person's "only a teeny amount" is someone else's "medium amount" and such. And there always would be someone who would try to push whatever limit might be talked about. The practical reality is that light-sealing your grow space isn't hard, just keep the dark as dark and then there's nothing to worry about.
  11. Here we go, I went ahead and looked it up.

    from, which means its true, lol

    The intensity of moonlight varies greatly depending on the lunar cycle but even the full moon typically provides only about 0.2 lux illumination, so the full moon is about 500,000 times fainter than the sun. When the moon is viewed at high altitude at tropical latitudes, the illuminance can reach 1 lux.[2] The color of moonlight, particularly near full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to most artificial light sources. The Moon's albedo is 0.136,[3] meaning only 13.6% of sunlight incident on the Moon is reradiated.

    Moonlight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And here, from the national academy of sciences breaks it down.

  12. two words................duct tape.
  13. I've had similiar light leaks with sunrise and sunset. There's a window in my room where the grow boxes are. It only seems to get in the way diuring the summer. I've put up a curtain and blocked as much ambient light as possible.

    Make sure you're timer is set to 12/12 or 1145 on 1215 off. Also balance the ambient light of sunrise and sunset. For me it's 90 minutes in morning and 90 minutes at night.

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