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Light leaks and hermies

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Blackrussian5, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Is it ok if allitle bit of light leaks into my growing closet during my 18/6 schedule also if i veg plants indoors for about a month on 24/0 lighting and i move them outside is there a greater chance that they will turn out hermi, what about 18/6
  2. anybody , my babies are germinating i only want the best for them :(
  3. 1. Do some research, and you will learn all about light leaks and what they do.

    2. You want no light to reach your plants during their dark period, whether you are vegging or flowering, but it is not such a huge deal during the veg period. During flowering though, this can screw up your entire grow.
  4. As far as light leaks go during veg, I would try to get it as dark as possible. When the light goes out the plant will want to go into the night growth phase. I have heard roots grow more at night and green leaf grows during the light period. Interruption of the plants desire to go into night mode when it is dark may interfere and mess with the hormones produced during the dark period. That's just my opinion.

    I have had experience putting indoor plants out door. The plants that i have taken directly outdoors from 18/6 usually go to bud just as if i had put them into 12/12, even if it has been mid summer with long days. Heat and wind can be a shock in the south also. It does make a huge difference and is well worth the effort to put a few out side.... they love it! As far as cycle. My indoor is finished within 56 days on 12/12. Out door it may be 80. if in summer. You can play the seasonal light by moving a plant from 18/6 outside in October and it will finish in 60 days... the later in the fall or earlier in the spring can finish bud in 40 days if the days are only 9 to 10 hours long and temps are mild. You can also pressure the plant to grow in the veg stage after putting outside by shortening the 18/6 schedule to 15/10 easing the clock back over a period of 7 days, so light shock does not trigger flower. Also stick with veg feeding until you see first flower then easy it back into the flower neut schedule. This way you can maximize your vegetative plant growth and grow a TREE. Big pots make big buds so give her roots some room to grow. 10 to 15 gal would be ideal, but 5gal minimum with good drainage. Go organic if possible as your soil will have some time to mature. Good luck.

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