light leaking ??

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  1. I hooked up my suntubes to ducting and when the lights come on the light shines out of the air intake and out the exhaust. How can one fix this problem as it shines outside NOT GOOD !!!

  2. 2 45 deg bends in each section should do it. Or you could spray paint the insides of the ducting black. Let it dry well though.
  3. thanks fixed the problem, by spraying the inside black and attaching black panty hose and no more light. Oh yeah I have more then 2 45 bends but still reflected thru.
  4. i would of said to use insulated ducting
  5. It was not shining thru the ducting as I used sheet metal ducting, it was just reflecting all the way down the inside of the ducting which made it look like their was two porch lights on where it enters and exits on the outside.

  6. insulated ducting does not reflect light, in fact it dampers the light and thats why most ppl use them(the other reason being temps), sheet metal ducting as you call it is the aluminum foil dryer ducting?or is is the heavy duty tin or aluminum non flexible ducting? either one will reflect alot more than the insulated ducting..
  7. The HD tin type like what is found in homes, HVAC type ducting

    You are referring to the dryer type that is black inside ??

  8. yeah thats the HD one i was talking bout, and the insulated flexible ducting reflects no light compared to one of those, the insulated flexible ducting is sold at hydro stores for a reason, but i guess i wouldnt go about changing my whole exaust unit and piping just for a little light leakage....

    this is the one i was talking bout [​IMG]

    the hose inside is a dark greyish black rubber type material, so no light can reflect inside, i have seen cheep replicas on the net which just have an aluminum dryerhose with insulation wraped around it like this..


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