light leak, and nine fingers...

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  1. Dear GC Members..

    To make a long story short, my grow room needs to be slightly open due to high temp and malfunctioning ventilator. It is open about quarter inch to bring in some cool air during the light time. During the dark time, they are not disturbed at all.

    I know I am losing a lot of light: however, is there any chance whether this will lead to dreaded "hermie"? They are at the last stage of veggie, and will be in flower stage this Sat. Should I be a overly worried about it or just let it be? I am currently growing for the sake of learning and get some smoke at the end more than anything else...

    One more thing: two of the plants are showing "nine fingers" while some are showing just five fingers even though they should have seven,,, Am I paranoid or simply "overly concerned parent"?

    Any advise would be highly appreciated, including "chill-out dude" comment..
  2. chill out dude. Even number leaves are weird, any odd number are cool. You dont have to worry much about light leak when the lights are on, but make sure its nice and pitch black in there when the lights are off.
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    Ya man, chill out !!!
    As long as the light isnt leaking into your room during dark times.
    And - as for the blades ...9 bladed leaves show a nice mature plant.
    I sometimes (rarely) get an 11 bladed leaf !!!
  4. Thank you so much for encouraging words, Freakbro 1 and SauchBoss. I have had killed enough plants in my lifetime, including cactus, mostly due to my laziness and negligence. This is my serious first attempt, and even though my girls (knock on wood) are doing fine I could not help myself wondering "Am I doing it right?"

    By the way, I found one plant has 11 fingers... somewhat freaky...

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    See, waddya know - 11 bladed leaf !!!
    Its gonna be a stylin plant. Try and
    clone her if u can.

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