Light just blew...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Taz421, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Will it be ok for my 50day autos to be in darkness for 2 days? I need to order a new hps light bulb. Id rather order online its alot cheaper. Or if it will hurt the plants ill just go spend twice as much at the local hydro store
  2. Well that was weird... It stoped working for a little now its back on n i didnt do anything to it. Should i buy a new light bulb anyway
  3. Power surge causes it to turn off you can release the energy store by unplugging touch cord to skin/ground on the bulb cord and ballast and wahla it will turn back on bulb is only blown if you see black scarring on the inside
  4. Thank you. I was worried. Without a light for a day or 2. That would affect my harrvest right.
  5. I keep extra bulbs
  6. I guess i should probally get a metal halloid bulb. That way i have a hps and mh. is better for veg right. But if it did ever blow the mh will be ok for flower for a few days right till i get hps. Or should i just stick with hps
  7. You can use either to grow with mh is cooler temps blue light for veg is what i do

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