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  1. I have major issue I'm 5 weeks into flowering and my timer malfunctioned and my lights were on for three days. Can anyone tell me the damage this can cause if any? And do I need to let them go Longer than what I was going to let the
  2. Depends on the strain really...

    All you can do is play the wait and see game. You'll know if there are problems in about a week. If they were affected the buds will get really loose, and lanky. If this occurs you may need to let them go longer to get dense, but it won't turn out like they should...

    Sorry, dude... That sucks...
  3. Yeah I know and your right they did get light and airy the strains are og kush, blue dream, purple haze, 8ball kush. So how much more time should I let them go? I was thinking an extra week

  4. You'll have to determine that as the time approaches... But, like I said, it would it should have been.

  5. 5 weeks into flowering?.. no worries, they may look a little but shoyld be fine, back to normal in a week.

  6. One (1) week tops, and they will be back to normal. Look like nothing ever happened.
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    A few pics of my babies hope they be ok
  8. [quote name='"Dread Petie"']

    A few pics of my babies hope they be ok[/quote]

    Looking alright so far. Buds seem tight still.
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    Same thing happened to me, only I only had TE light on an extra 9hrs... Caught it 3 hrs before lights should be coming on. Should I leave it off for 12 at this point or just leave the timer alone and let it do it's thang? Haha

    Thx in advance

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