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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DaWodin, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. im try'na buy a new light (with the quickness) and i need the make and model of a metal halide (i think this is wut im looking for)

    i called Lowes but they didnt know wut i was talkin about when i askeed them for metal halide lights.....i assume the reaction will be the same at home depot (but ill try anyway) so is there a store that specializes in lights or are the home improvement stores in my area just messed up?
  2. Ive been told that if asking at a store you can ask for lights to grow tomatos. The needs from the plants are similar and they should direct you straight to the right lights.

  3. cant use a regular floresent light asking specifics might arouse suspicians
  4. dude.. internet.. beside they don't sell HID lamps for horticulture at home depot "like" stores, only security lights and shit. You can get an HPS or MH at ebay for 90 bucks. Some of them are kinda ghetto, but I opted to buy 3 400w lamps, which aren't pretty but do the job, instead of buying one of those top of the liners which go for 250+
  5. I dont have any outlets close to my closet, and I dont want to draw attention to my grow room there anyway i can hook a flourescent light up to a battery? and if so, wut type of battery would i need?
  6. The security lights at Lowes,etc...are HID,good for small grows/cabinets, they come as either HPS,MV or MH. If you think a flourescent might draw attention to the fact,,,what do you think a mini sun from an HID is gonna do? And can't hook up a flourescent to a battery. Fixture would have to be 12vdc,and wouldn't put out any real light ,,why bother.

    Are you sure you maybe shoudn't hold off until security is better?,and you can manage it?...peace


  7. ok thx for the info...are there any specific brands i should look for? and what wattage

    and im not worried about the light in the closet...i just didnt want a cord runnign across my floor into the closet...but i got that prob fixed

    ahhh so many questions, thx all for your patience with n00b growers
  8. i found out a dresser draw works good just letting you know its not obvious and if your dresser is near an outlet your in bussiness

  9. haha..cept that suspicious buzzing sound coming from your dresser. Seriously man, don't start this thing thinking u can keep it from your folks from seedlings to finished product(my mistake). If the sudden power consumption doesn't tip them off, then the smell and/or suspicious behavior will, parents aren't stupid. Just fess up if their cool, and if not, do it your boys place.
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  10. I use cmh 315's. 5 in there now. DSCN7299.JPG DSCN7587.JPG DSCN6735.JPG

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