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  1. I'm looking for a DIY light fixture or cheap lighting for my seedlings. I posted earlier in the week about my seedlings being weak and falling over and I realized with the replies, I need better lighting.

    There's a section with "classifieds" that include LED red and blue grow lights. Do these work and are they good for the plant? If not, what are other cheap choices out there? (mind you I'm a girl and handy work honestly isn't my thing do I prefer the less nuts and bolts type of thing). But I'm a college student so I'm kinda broke and that's why Im trying to start growing.

    Any advice?

    Ps. My seedlings are still small but do I want them all to be female? If so, why and how do I get them to be female?
  2. i couldn't really offer any advice on your lighting but.... yes u want all seedling to b female.only 100% way of making sure there female is by usin a clone from a female mother.but if thats not an option then once your seedlings have started to veg you shud turn ya lights to 12/12 until sex is shown.quickly get rid of any males! then turn ya lights back to veg. u dont want males in the room becoz the pollinate the females which then encourages the female to produce seeds instead of buds :( NOT GOOD
    if ur going to take my advice the most important bit i'l tell u is to spend your spare time reading threw this forum and get a real idea of how to grow.
    hope i helped a still a newb 2
    people on here will always offer u advice but no1 apart from you can grow it.
  3. you said nuts ... huh huh...huh huh

    Anyway, you can use these

    [​IMG] $1

    plugged into this


    doubled up with these


    no wiring or installation required, just plug and grow!

    Or, you could wire your own, example here

    All of this can be found at home depot or lowes in the lighting or electrical section.

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