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  1. Hello. I have a 300 watt bloomspect led lighting system.
    I'll attach a link.
    But will this be okay for a plant to grow? And how close can i safely put the light?
  2. Im a brand new grower and have some knowledge from reading these forum's. I know with led's you can get pretty close i just dont know how close. Also my plant is about 3 or 4 days old.
  3. Least 3-4ft I have mine at like 4ft 700w LED
  4. I think it's about 28" away - no idea what that is in feet... and mines 710w
  5. Also i have my light about 20 inches from the top canopy. And have the light schedule 19/5.
  6. Go 18/6 schedule - save you some money on power and if you think that height is okay then stay with it, if you get some burn move it away :)
  7. Thanks for the info man .
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  8. Wrong way dude. Hid's you can get close as Long as there adequately cooled. LEDs need to be further away, not only for the light spread but because LEDs can cause a bleaching affect, like an albino plant...
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  9. Dude it's in their description

    Don't believe the rest though, this won't replace 250w hps... How many plants and in what space are you going to try?
  10. 2 plants in a 3x3x5. And i didn't know if those heights we're for weed plants. So i came Here for help.
  11. And also I'm on a budget and don't want the electric Bill through the roof. Its just a personal grow.
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  12. That little panel will hardly change the electricity especially when on a 12/12 schedule... however that's kinda a large tent for that light imo... I'd also think you'd be better off flowering one plant with that light... you'll get the same yield one way or another but with one plant you'll get better light penetration...

    Grow journal
  13. Your panel pulls 132W... I run mars 300's 1 per plant and they pull 135W... just doesn't seem worth it to flower two under the light as you really want it to be at least 100 Watts a plant but the more the better... more than welcome to check out my grow journal to see my setup I have pictures of it in the last couple pages.

    Also raising the light up high in flower to cover both plants will end up giving you popcorn bud. You are going to want that light 8-15" from the canopy in flower.

    Grow journal
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  14. This is pretty accurate. 8-15" away during flowering depending on the plant, and only expect it to cover one full grown plant properly.

    First grow using cfls.
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  15. Okay with this knowledge i will probably grow a few and see which ones (if any) are females and if there are more than one then i will find the healthiest looking one and only grow that one. I dont want the plants fighting for light. Thank you everyone for helping me with this.

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  16. I'm about 18 inches from the top of my canopy during flower, n I'm having some light burn issues with the 300 watt bloomspect
  17. Must not be a very light resistant strain, I’ve used a similar panel as close as 8” or slightly less away from a plant in late flower.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  18. I'm uber late, but thanks for replying. It was a bag seed. I think you're right
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