light height problems

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  1. hey so theres 5 WW clones that are still small and the 600W hps cant go any higher than about 5 foot 5 because of ceiling height . I was wondering if these things are going to get too high under the HPS and then I'll be fucked cause i cant raise the light. The space is about 3x2.6x5.5.I figured I would ust have to keep them close to the light and keep raising it so they dont stretch or anything. dont want to end up with half flowered plants that are too tall,and dont have room for a s.o.g. Any input would be great
  2. If they get too tall you can tie them down a bit
  3. ok what should i tie them down by just the side nodes??
  4. you can bend the top over a bit...

    take a look at august west's journal... its like a 100 page but... he does it... think there are some shots toward the end... hes a big help if you have a question on it
  5. That's plenty of height. You're talking about LST, there's a good sticky thread on that in the Beginners section.
  6. not so into lsti was hoping top training would be enough here

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