Light Green/Yellowish plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by zongzizong, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I have 3 plants that im growing, and one of them is a light green color. I think it is a different strain but Im not sure if thats the reason or not ... heres some pics!!!



  2. do you have holes on the bottom of your cups?
  3. what type of soil?
    light cycle?
    type of light?
    how long have you been adding nutes?
    how old are plants?

    tell us EVERYTHING about your room so we can diagnose
  4. Yes i have holes in the bottom of my cups

    and as for all the information, all of the plants are under the same condition, but only one is like that. But anyways

    Soil: Scott's Potting soil
    Lighting: CFLs not sure watts, their the lower daylight lumens though)
    Light Cycle: 24 hours of light, changing to 18/6 soon maybe
    Nutrients: Only fed once with like 1/10 strength, the plant was like this before that
    Life: approx 3wks

  5. there are bad genes in some might not like the soil, transplant and see if that helps.
  6. Im actually going to be transferring them soon to 12 inch 2.5 gallon pots with FoxFarm soil in it(as soon as I buy the soil ha) haha so no chance that its just a different kinda of plant thats lighter? :p

  7. no it most deffenitly could be because of the plant and thats just what it looks 2 days after you transfer or if things get any worse...for now smoke a bowl and play the waiting game :smoking:
  8. Haha smoked a Zong!

    and it will be a couple days too til I transplant because the place i have to go to get it is kinda far away and my cars fucked up right now

  9. haha even if you smoked out a zong you still smoked a bowl :)

    and yeah just chill...your plant doesnt look too bad anyway

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