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  1. Hey everyone, 2 and a half weeks in flower and I have some Sunshine Daydream girls that have some light green new growth. They have light green coloring starting at the base of the leaf and it hits the outer edges of the lead. The midsection of the leaf and tips are dark green.
    Here is the best picture I could get (which sucks at showing the issue in question) where the trichomes are, the light green is visible. It's easy to notice the difference in color under Hps.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444529472.501295.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444529499.571856.jpg [attachment=1895707:ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444529699.678901.jpg

    As a precaution I top dressed with some Malibu compost and started brewing an alfalfa compost tea

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  2. I'm in coots mix. Mixed everything to his instructions but added half a cup alfalfa.
  3. Looks okay to me. Little top dress goes a long way. I think you'll be alright.
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    ya looks good to me too. Do you do any teas? if you want to make sure you're doing everything you can you can hit it with a kelp tea. what stage of life are you in? if you are in veg or the first couple weeks of flower u can add alfalfa to the kelp tea also. you can top dress with worm castings and the ingredients used to make ur soil as well like posted above
  5. Thanks all, I saw the light green and figured a top dress would help so I wasted no time
    I'm on hour 22 of brewing an alfalfa compost tea. I'm adding 6 row and fulvic acid to the tea as well before I apply it at 3 or 4 pm today.
    I'm on day 19 of flower now. I'll be using teas on a weekly basis now. Gotta go pick up more molasses
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    less is more. coots mix is intended and great at being a water only soil.
    no one sees the light green growth ur talking about. everything looks normal to us.
    I wouldn't use alfalfa at that point considering how ur plant looks. could only slow things down IMO, especially considering you already have it in your soil, but people do use it up through the fourth week of flower.
    make a kelp tea IMO. Do you know what it does? This is where it is at my friend (aside from SST), it has tons of micro nutrients, growth hormones, encourages lateral growth etc. Here is a thread on it;
    if you have been taking care of your soil you really shouldn't need a compost tea but i do like to do one in flower.

    definitely get into SST, that is what coot recommends himself along side a coconut water blend. Here is the thread, subscribe and learn!

    Are you familiar with either way you are now, they have a phenomenal blog section with tons of invaluable information that will take you days to get through all of it. definitely look into that. Ill just post that link as well;
  7. There is light green coloring
    I will get pictures today in white light when I apply the tea
    I am only using the alfalfa tea as I know coot uses it through the first 4 weeks of flower
    This will be my only alfalfa one. My next tea will be kelp/molasses/Malibu compost
    I figured his mix was water only. hopefully I'll have some better shots for you all to see what time talking about

    Thanks sir, I will definitely check out the BAS link. I'm using them for Gro Kashi this week.

    I'll stick to applying my six row malted barley as a top dress and water it in once every 10 days. I contemplated putting it in my tea but I'll stick to what I've been doing
  8. New growth is going to be lighter shade of green at the top. If your plant is hungry the yellowing starts at the bottom.
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    let him do/think what he wants lol clearly he is

    i dunno why i keep trying but for the record coot may use the tea through the first 4 weeks but he doesnt put it in his soil too

    SST is an enzyme tea that digests the ingredients in your soil making the nutrients more available to your plants roots, look into it. smh...

  10. That's what it is! Never seen it like I have on these plants
    They're dark green now.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444600054.092713.jpg

    6 Row malted barley is an alternative to the SST
    Does the same shit
    Thanks for your help but no thanks for your attitude.
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    ya that is good stuff for sure, you should make a tea out of it xD
    ill stop posting now
  12. Good! Because, if you had read carefully, Coot quit using it in a tea when he saw a top dress worked just as well with 1/100 the effort.

  13. Yes I did! A lot I have read and learned came from yourself and coot
    Thanks Wet! They're looking mighty fine right now :) packing on the frost

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