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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by houstonstonie, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. i had my plant outside for about three months where it was doing was just starting to flower and all the hairs were coming out of the stems and all that...well i had to move it in and put it under a 75 watt flourescent light...well after about a week under the light in the closet i started to notice that some of the of the leaves were turning light this due to shock??? another question is when it was smaller the leaves were way bigger and had seven with the bud forming the leaves are noticibly smaller and are only coming out with also going to post pics soon to better illustrate what im talking about...can anybody help?
  2. 75 watt flouro is very weak light. the plant is turning yellow because its consuming the energy in the leaves. The plant thinks flowering stage is about over so its finishing the grow. Probably won't make much more bud.
  3. well cuz we live in a place where i cant do all that outside but it was flowering and i had it on 24 hour light cycle for five days i probably did trigger it back to veg but now its back outside will this affect the plants outcome?
  4. you could end up with a hermie, 5 days of 24 hrs continuious light and then back outside to 12-13 hrs of sunlight, careful

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