Light green leaves curling down, no growth in 2 weeks

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  1. So being new i made a few mistakes. Im igroeing in coco with about 10% perlite. I overwatered bad. Reading through a couple sites, seemed like flushing was the best option. So i flushed with water ph’ed to 6.0 2 times the container size. 1 gallons got 2 gallons of water and 10 gallon grow bags got 20 gallons of water. The reason i flushed is because of the same thing happening still 2 weeks later. Leaves are turning light green, then yellow and falling off while also curling down, seen in pics.also it looks like a nute deficiency.
    My room humidity is at 50%, temps 68-73.
    My nutrients are humboldts secret base a and b, with cal mag, golden tree and plant enzymes all at.the recommended strength. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Nowhere near enough perlite. And those pots are way to big for that plant size.

    Did you buffer your coco before you began growing in it? And are you feeding daily?
  3. That's just what I was going to say, very scarce on the perlite, I use 70/30 or 80/20

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  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes i buffered the coco to 6.0. Is it a bad ide to transplant to smaller containers?
  5. Newbie advise warning. Accept at your own risk!

    I'd transplant into a 70 (coco) / 30 (perlite) mix. I wouldn't wash the roots just leave them as I'd be afraid to do more harm than good. If the leaves are covering the edge of the pot I'd transplant into a bigger one.
    Are you watering to 10% run off everyday?
    Using fertiliser everyday? You might need to increase the Nitrogen
    I'd recommend splashing your nutrient solution between two containers to increase the oxygen level if you're worried about overwatering the original root mass.

    They'll be grand once you've tweaked your solution. I went the other way on my first grow (currently underway) and overfed and under runoff-ed leading to salty hot coco :/

    Principles of Fertigation: Feed and Water Cannabis in Coco - Coco For Cannabis
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  6. Thanks for that. I have not watered in over a week. I was watering every 4 days roughly depending on the weight of the container.

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