Light green fan leaves that are twisting.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tennessee, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I just repotted 10 NL#5 seedlings two weeks ago. The fan leaves are light green in color and a few even turn/twist upside down with the back of the leaf facing the light. What could this be? The light is 30" from the plant tops and the grow room temp never exceeds 80deg.F.. Does anyone have any suggestions??
  2. I seen that with light stress when i was moving the plants around, and giving them different time periods of light and dark..
    I also remember reading somewhere it could be a deficiency of some sort.
    if your giving it a consistent light schedule, id flush it (just to be safe after i did this my were fine), 3x amount of water that the pot is, with Filtered!!! water. then give it a complete 1/2 strengh dose of ferts (make sure you got the micro nutrients in there because if it is a deficiency its almost garenteed to be a micro/immobile nutrient.
  3. Twisty leaves can be caused by several things, but the most common would be too much chlorine in the water. Either use RO water or let the water sit in an unopened container for 24 hours before use.

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