Light g during the flower stage

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  1. I have a question. I changed the lights on 06/21/19 to 16 hours of darkness and 8 hours of light. My question is, If I change to a 12/12 schedule now during the light time will that stress out my plants or would it be ok? I want to give more light but I don't want to stress my plants out. Would it be best to leave them at a 16/8 hour schedule. Thanks
  2. what light did you have before 16 hours darkness ? seems weird to me were you on 18 hours light 6 hours darkness the usual in veg ?did you put the plant/s in to flower by giving 16 hours darkness ? to get them to start flowering quickly ?,,just asking mate ...mac
  3. I read some articles, since then I've read others. This is my first time getting into the flower stage. All looks good but I believe the extra light would be beneficial, but I don't want to stress my plants out.
  4. Odds are you triggered flower when you changed the lighting hours.
    You can add hours of light with no effects. Adding dark will trigger flower every time.
    Might as well drop to 14 or less and finish flower.
    18-6 to 16-8 will trigger them for sure no ifs, ands,or maybees.
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  5. 14.5 = trigger point.
    15 and over = Veg
    14 and under = Flower

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  6. I started at 24/0, at switch I started a weekly 4 hour drop with lights until I got to doing 12/12, so week 1 20/4 week 2 16/8, week 3 went to 12/12. This reduced any stress at that point, last 2 weeks I went to a 10/14 then the last few days I do no watering and keep them in the dark for 24h then harvest.
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  7. think he was talking about 16 hours dark and 8 hours light ,i wanted to know how many hours light he was giving for veggin ,,seemed a bit excess to give plant 16 hours dark lol..mac,
  8. LOL I couldn't make heads or tails of it so I just tossed out the usual general info.
    I've seen some off the wall stuff done that is for sure.
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  9. he might have been reading a book on Urban myths ,,mac,
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  10. Thanks all. Glad you were amused. I just want some good bud. Dscdk seems to know what I was asking, and what he is talking about, so thanks you answered my question.
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