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    I’m still kinda new to growing indoors under LEDs and I currently have a 3000k 240w QB on a dimmer. I’m finding it really slow growth with the 3k. I also have a cheap vivosun 300w light. I’m at first week of veg on a couple autoflowers and my lights are at 18” and dimmed to about 28000 lux.

    My set up is currently in a 2x4x5 tent.

    I’m looking to possibly spend around the $100-$120 CDN range to find a light that will work well for Seedling/Veg stage and then switch it out for the 3k QB for flowering. I usually grow 2-4 plants at a time.

    I can build/set up myself if buying parts is cheaper.
  2. If it were me......I would DEF throw that vivosun in there!!! Do you have enough funds to purchase a 4000k QB?

    Do you have any pics? Curious to see how they are looking
  3. Instead of swapping out lights, why not supplement your QB with something like a few T5 HO's?
    You could run just the T5's during seedling stage and slowly increase your LUX with your QB into veg.
  4. Let me know if you can find one for $150 CDN, cuz I'd be all over that!
  5. Maybe the 65w 4000 model.

    I have 3 seedlings all about the same stage. There about 1 week old after sprouting. I had a big problem with stretching which I found my lights were dimmed too low (8000-12000 lux at 18”). 19EB7DFC-9F77-4210-A447-EAC56CB7EE7F.jpeg
    A22E0602-96AB-440F-8DD8-057EF2EF63DE.jpeg FF6EA1CE-E399-49AB-9119-91073A40F3E6.jpeg
  6. I guess the only issue with a single 65w qb is the light spread. Might be good for seedlings within a 2'x2' area but with a few T5's supplementing your existing QB, you could probably get a good amount of even coverage across your whole 2x4 for when your plants get bigger through veg cycle.

    I run 2 QB96 Elites in my 2x4 but i'll be adding a few t5's for seedling stage and then will use them as supplement lighting to keep my tent corners well lit.
  7. The hlg 100 is plug and play at $150 USD
    Or you could do a strip build even cheaper Samsung f series, h series strips
    Your viviosun is a good option.
    I have grown full cycle with the same light 3000k no problem, the color change isn't going to make them grow faster it just creates shorter node spacing maybe a few more leaves.
    28000 lux is really strong for seedlings .
    They may be stressed
  8. Something like this and run one down each side with the QB in the center.
  9. That's what i'll be doing, ya.
    JoshuaE is right in his above comment though, 28000 lux is a lot for seedlings.
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  10. You are seeing slow growth because your plants are focusing on growing roots at this stage in their life, it might take them a bit before you start seeing growth spurts above the soil.
    IMO your light is fine just give it a few days.
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