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  1. Hello im new here....
    Im building small tent its 2x2 and im planning on geting everything as cheap as possible so tent cost me like 30 euros and fan with filter around 70 to 80 euros.
    So i have to figure out what lights to get ...currently looking on viparspectra 300w... but actual wattage is crappy and then i came accross these

    They are full spectrum 100w
    So my question is are they be better than viparspectra/marshydro 300w?
    Im planning to use 5 of them for better light penetration.

  2. Yeah i was looking at quantum boards but im trying to keep costs down...
    I just want to test my hand at growing soo im geting low end equimpment.....and if my first grows go well most likely i will get bigger tent and quantum leds or cobs...but for small tent i want smth question is still not answered..
    Are they any good? 5 of 100w full spectrum e27 grow lights for 2x2....will they outperform viparspectra/marshydro 300w?
  3. Quantum boards on alibaba if you are looking to save but still get some kick ass lights.
  4. Those lights are probably less than 20 watts each.
    They are probably "100 watt replacement" bulbs.
    Forget about those blurples, and follow ScoobyDoobie's advice.
  5. Ok i will look in to them what wattage should i get for 2x2
  6. What's your budget?
    For a 2x2 between 120 and 160watts
  7. I plan to spend no more than 150euros thats around 160 bucks i guess...150 bucks would be tops...but looking at quantum prices looks like i could get shitty ones
  8. You can get one of these qb288+heatsink combo ($66) (3500k spectrum for start to finish)
    QB288 V1 & Slate 2 Single Combo

    Pair it with a 150w meanwell driver (~$45):
    HLG-150H-54a Stock and Price by Distributor

    That's $111 which leaves you about $50 for some electric wire, an AC plug (or cut one off of an old appliance) and some light hangers.

    Or you could look on Alibaba for a cheaper deal on chinese boards.
  9. Oh thanks man i just need to find eu supplier because if i order from states i have to may custom taxes and then it will be twice the price
  10. Oh right on. I know there is a manufacerur that makes these types of boards in the EU but I don't remember the name.
  11. Those lights I posted the link to are not shitty lights. I've pulled 1.75 GPW in 80 days and broke off half a plant.
    I couldn't ever get that with HPS.
    What you were talking about is shit for lights. Might get a dime bag from them. I'm pulling 2 lbs from a 5x5 tent
  12. Budget lights, budget results

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