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  1. I was planning a 600 watt blockbuster grow in a 4x4. My Screen would also be 4x4 with 4 to 6 plants. If I was planning a Scrog what number of plants can fit in a 4x4? AND is 600 watts enough? its 37.5 per square foot(apparently optimal is 50).

    I've been doing my homework and alot of argument on both sides, some say yes more watts the better but the other side is worried about temps and electricity costs to upgrading.

    Whats your opinion?
  2. 600w is perfect for a 4x4 room. You'll definitely have to watch the temperature though, mine can get up to 85 without the fan on. I think 4 plants should be optimal, although that might be a little much if you're doing a SCRoG.
  3. put some cfl's in there for extra light

    how do yiou start a thread on gc?
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    I'll have a aircooled hood and a 5000 btu window unit, I refuse REFUSE my temps to be above 80s less research says its better ^^. I'll definitely invest to keep temps down.
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    Your temps are still likely to get high. I have my grow tent in my cellar, which is normally very cold, around 60. As soon as the lights have been on for a couple hours the temp can easily get up to 80. As well, I have an cool-tube. Just get a decent inline fan and you should be fine, along with that window unit.

    And to be honest with you, I don't think I personally would ever do a SCRoG. I like to be able to move my plants around, rotate them etc when I water, it seems like it would just be to big of a hassle.

    I wish you luck though.
  6. do you have an ac? the hear that solved most peoples temp problems
  7. good info here CB. +re

  8. Nah, I don't. I live in the West coast of Canada though, the earths natural air conditioner. :smoking:

    Thanks man, I appreciate it.
  9. what about the 50 watt per square foot?
  10. are there any more opinions? what has been the yield in a 4x4 with a 600 watt?

  11. That's the fun of growing, no one can tell you how much you are going to yield. Just because someone can yield a lb in a 4x4, doesn't mean you can too. You'll have to just give it a try and see for yourself.
  12. just measuring potential, and if its possible. As far as i researched you can't yield 20 pounds off a 1 gal in 2 days of veg or can you? :eek:

    I just to see if theres a possibility
  13. Your not going to get 20 lbs off of 1 plant. Ever.

    With 2 days of veg in a 1 gal container you would be lucky to get a half oz.
  14. Not entirely true.
    What if you had a 300gallon container, vegged an indica for about 2 years under a number of 1000w hps
    And then flowered????
    Seems plausible
  15. ofcourse, my point was theres limitations, I'm trying to feel out how difficult it was for a 600 watt to yield 1 pound, so far no grow journal I've come across pulled it off.
  16. so far the vote is 6 for 600 watts, 2 for 1000 and 2 for something else.
  17. Bro, just go with what ever you feel is best, and don't worry about how much your going to yield. Just do your thing and you'll be happy with the end result.

    And PuffDaddy420, hypothetically you could, but i'm almost positive the plant wouldn't physically be able to grow that big. Tree's have as much room to grow in nature as they need, but they still stop growing at one point, am I right? Same thing with cannabis, it's gonna reach its max potential at one point, and I highly doubt it's anything over 10+ lbs. Most I've ever seen is about 5lbs, and that is for outdoor.
  18. Check these out. Big Girls.

    [ame=]Jorge Cervantes: Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour - 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!! - YouTube[/ame]


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