Light fixture dillemma (Late into flowering)

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    Hey guys, I'm having a pretty scary crisis right now in regards to my light fixture in my closet. Until now I had my deep dome light fixture hanging by a long usb cable from a wooden tube in my closet where the hangers usually hang from. I would adjust the height of the light by tying the usb cable tighter and wrapping it around the wood more times. But unfortunately I entered into the flowering stage a little late and it has caused my indica strain to grow too tall for my light fixture! I don't know what to do, I tried a ceiling hook by hammering it into the ceiling of my closet but the usb cable isn't long enough to go around the hook and also wrap around the clamp of the light fixture (I'm using one long cable for two light fixtures for two separate clones). Can someone please offer any ideas on how I can raise my light fixture higher in my closet? I have until midnight before I have to turn on the lights and it will most likely burn my plant  :confused_2:

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