Light emitting diodes .

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    .Some how the title got posted by itself so will edit in the rest .
    I been assembling some 2V 288 Boards from HLG .
    The boards don't have Samsung's name on them .
    I get the feeling that Samsung doesn't make a assembled Quantum board .
    They sale the diodes to lighting companies and the lighting companies install/solder the diodes in .

    Has anyone ever seen just the Samsung LED as in just the Diode and does it have Samsung written on it ?
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  4. We listening to white noise tonite ?
  5. Screenshot_20190805-213939_Google.jpg There is no visible Samsung logo on the diodes. And yes Hlg buys the diodes from Samsung and then hire a third party to assemble the boards
    Probably one of the same companies that supply the Chinese boards.
    It would be very hard for a hobbyist like ourselves to say it is a copy or authentic.
    I believe Hlg to be the real deal though

    Nice light I love mine
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  6. Samsung doesn't make boards, but they make strips
    but if you got your lights from HLG, you're golden.
  7. Are they the 96 diode strips
  8. Im pretty sure I have seen happy customers of Samsung Quantum Boards....
  9. yes, LM09. I would prob try their new ones... if they are out. imma check.
    and btw, I really like that u added the blues.
  10. Thanks I got my red side built up , I figured it was time to build the blue up some too.
  11. I would and will get the new ones when they show up in something I'm already buying. I don't see anything there worth scrapping what we got in the 301b.
    Not yet
  12. My boards have Samsung on them! I have 288v2

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    Damn, I can’t even hold you, I’ve never called any board a knockoff until this one. Samsung doesn’t make these boards. At all.

    That board was customized in that someone requested Samsung be printed on it. I declined that option with the dude I bought from and here’s what comes standard. Now I can’t translate it, but it looks like it’s nothing more than specs. Not to says yours are lesser or any different, but your seller is definitely no bueno. Who’d you buy from?

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  14. Kingbrite I got the same ones @hardrive got the 288 v2 and he gets over 1.7 gpw so I’m not really mad about these lights. I also know that Samsung only makes the actual diodes not the whole board! The board has 3 different spectrum boxes on it and they check off what you order. 3500k, 3000k, 4000k.

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  15. Y
    Yeah someone was trying to say earlier that they talked to Samsung and they don't provide Alibaba suppliers with diodes however Samsung has also said HLG is not an official registered buyer from them.

    But my first thought is why would Samsung tells us hobbyist who they supply diodes to?

    I have an HLG board and a Alibaba Meiju Board. There is no noticable difference in the two based on the diodes. I mean unless you are the engineer designing these things you would not be able to tell.

    I think people are just weary of buying products from China and rightfully so. But in my experience, if you find the right supplier, you are golden and will be paying half the price on your lights.

    It's like people who are into collecting sneakers. The true, die hard fan-boys will never accept anything but the real thing directly from Nike or Adidas or wherever. However if you find the right Chinese suppliers you can get the shoes for under $100 instead of over $500 and they are made of THE EXACT same material, in factories right next to the original ones. No one would ever be able to tell the difference. But just like lights there are shady suppliers out there and you could easily get burned buying from the wrong place!

    It's a risk but in my experience it pays off
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