light drooping?

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  1. Can leaves droop because light is too far away from the lower leaves. And is it fine to keep the lights above the plant the whole grow? Getting some random drooping going on with the larger lower leaves....

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  2. Stop worrying your plants look fine. Leaves droop all the time some...there heavy.

    As for the light you can have it as low as you want as long as you can keep it cool.
  3. Thanks maan. So does it matter where the light hits or just so long as it hits somewhere?

  4. as long as it hits somewhere, but if it's off to a side, the plant could "reach" and bend itself sideways

    hmmm... maybe you could LST a plant naturally... :eek:
  5. im going to try LST on my second grow. I was just wondering in case I need more lights, other than that I have plenty space for moving lights up and down on clamps.

  6. Marijuana doesn't grow towards the light like you'd think. The leaves tilt towards the light, but the growth shoots still grow vertically.

  7. Interesting... so any strangely bent stems on babies are just the plant being weird, not pulling towards light?

  8. Plants vary as much as humans. Believe it or not the FBI has put people away based on DNA testing of say leaves they found in the back of your truck that put you at the scene. Saw the special they had on it. They assumed that plant life since it was so similar looking would not be different within the same species. Turns out they vary as much as humans do and we come in all shapes and sizes! They ended up putting the guy away for life based on a friggin leaf.
  9. Lower leaves aren't as important and they are heavier, so don't worry so much about it. As long as the entire plant looks healthy, it's good.

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