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  1. I just got a growzilla hood. I have a 1000w HPS and a 1000w MH in it. I know the rule of thumb with 1000w is 30" away from top of plant. what is it for my light?
  2. the thing is this. it's 2000w in one reflector so do i increase that distance. the chart goes to 1000w.
  3. how hot is it when you put your hand under the light at 30 inches?

    got a temp reading?
  4. I do. How hot is too hot? What is the perfect temp? This is a project I will be starting soon.
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    Weeds ideal growing temp is around 75*F but it has been shown they will speed up metabolism up to 87*F any higher than that and water is exhausted from the leaves faster than it can be brought up, 75 is deff ideal so u have a lil play room either way

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