Light distance?

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  1. My light is about 8 inches from the top of my lady but the leafs feel kinda cold should I put it closer? I have 100 watt cfl it's equivalent
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    so it is only 26w or something?
    in growing you need to use actual wattage
    not equivalent.
    you need about 100-150w of cfl to grow 1 good plant
    and probably just a couple of inches away with cfl
  3. Try to get at least 80-100 actual watts on the plant. If you have a fan blowing directly on the lights, the heat from the bulbs are almost nonexistent. Sure it will raise general room temps, but there won't be any heat stress on leaves on the top as oppossed to the bottom. General rule of thumb: if you put your hand in between the CFL and your plant and your hand isn't hot, you're in the clear. I put mine an average of 1-3" away from the plants with two fans.

  4. Yeah I keep hearing that but ts all I have for now I almost got enough for my light system I'm gonna get real soon
  5. I'm gonna get a hps system and I'm gonna be growing two to three plants at a time how much wattage would I need would 600 be good ?
  6. 400w hps should be good for upto 4 standard plants unless you want to lst them or something like that

  7. Ok thanks alot

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