Light distance for x2 lights...

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  1. Might be a silly question? But when your using two lights is it the same distance from canopy as using one light of the same wattage?.. E.G would x2 400w hps be same distance as x1 800w hps? Ty
  2. Not a silly question, and there is no simple answer.
    Where the radiation from one light overlaps with the radiation from the second light, the lights together will behave almost as a single 800 watt light.
    Where there is zero radiation overlap for the two lights, they behave as single 400 watt lights.
    In most places the combined light will be somewhere between these two extremes.
    You might be best off treating them together as if they were a single 600 watt light.
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  3. cheers pal iget what you mean and i guess they will overlap in a 150x150x200 tent? They would b quite close to each other

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