Light distance and wattage.

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  1. Hello all! Hope you're having a good weekend? Got my 4 critical Kush (3 weeks old) and 1 sour diesel (two weeks old). Transplanted into bigger pots today and change from CFL to hps. Is 600w too much straight away? Also I know the light is too far away in the picture. Will be moving it tomorrow.....what distance would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. My light (600 HPS) is probably 14-18" above canopy. Just set your hand on the top of the tallest plant and feel how hot it is.
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  3. 14" will be good. Lowered the the light earlier then went to my girlfriend's for a few hours then come back to check temps. Tent had positive pressure, when I opened to tent I had realised I had split the ducting when I lowered the light. Will definitely be getting some better ducting

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