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  1. I have a seedling and I've been taking it outside after sunrise and bringing it in once it gets dark .it's growing slowly so can I put it under cfls for some additional hours? Is it important to have a definite schedule of light and dark? Would it grow faster under cfls?
  2. Well ask youself this, Doyou urself need a night of sleep before you go do something the next day...Yes definate light schedules are very important..This is the amount of light the plant should have to complete its stages of growth ( vegging to flowering). And if you want bud you will keep the light schedules up to date...Below are the amounts of light you should try to acheive and set it up to were you can use a cfl light as u suggested and put them under the sun to continue your 18 hours of light etc...

    18/6: Time normally associated with the vegetative stage of growth i.e. 18 hours of light to 6 of darkness.

    12/12: Timing used to initiate the flowering stage of the plant i.e. 12 hours light to 12 hours darkness.

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