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  1. I am on my first grow right now and my plant just came up out of the soil and is about one inch tall right now, I already have it on a 12/12 light cycle to induce flowering as soon as possible before it gets to tall becasue I am not that concerned about how much yield I get I just want to get some to try it out, Since tehre is no chance of flowering yet is there any point of putting it on a 12/12 light cycle already or should I put it on a different light cycle until it grows bigger? Thanks guys.

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  2. You're doing your plant wrong with the 12/12 at veg.... its going to be a stunted/slow growth... MORE then likely "hermiphy" (Yes.... I just made that word up LOL) under wacked out light cycles....

    So.... Go back to the old drawing board....
    Google+grass city= Enough sources to find what you need to be doing, and the "nots" to be doing LOL

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  3. My goal is to stunt the growth, I read on another forum that the only downside to stunting growth is taht in the end you will gain less weed but I do not care about that right now I just want some to see how its goin and learn about it and I want to keep the plant at a pretty small size anyway. So should I just do 24/0 for the first week or 2?
  4. Whoa, slow down. Going straight to 12/12 from seed or seedling will not induce hermies and won't "stunt" the plant's growth, but it definitely will affect the plant.

    You can run 12/12 from the get-go. In so doing, you are preventing the plant from developing any branches/secondary growth, so you will end up with a main cola and not much else. This is precisely the way you do a SOG or if you are in a big hurry to get to harvest, definitely less yield per plant but real yield nonetheless. Once you are on a 12/12 cycle, stay on it.

    Some strains do better by this approach than others, but it isn't outright harmful to any of them that I am aware of.
  5. should seedling get a 24/0 light cycle or an 18/6?

    i did 18/6 & moved them to 24 for veg & had decent results.

    i'm contemplating just throwing them under 24/0 next time...

  6. Ah, that old question. You will find proponents on both sides. Those in favor of 24/0 say that the plants don't need a rest and get 33% more energy per day that way. Those in favor of 18/6 insist that the plants do need a rest, and/or that this is closer to a natural light cycle, and/or that the plants don't grow 33% bigger/faster for the 33% more you are spending on your electric bill.

    Bottom line is that you are in good company with either philosophy, and your plants will grow either way, there is no debate about that, just about whether one ultimatelyl is better than the other.

    There are two other, practical reasons to consider 18/6. One is that you cut your electric bill by having lights on less (although some 24/0 proponents would say that is a false savings because you have to end up vegging longer). The other practical reason to consider 18/6 is to help your lighting work with your temp control, in other words lights off during the hottest part of the day to keep temps from getting too high.

    G'luck with it.
  7. Okay well I think I am going to stay on a 12/12 cycle becasue my goal is to gain any type of weed from it not really about quantity or quarlity its just to get some just so I can see it grow and understand better before I start growing bigger plants. If i keep this cycle on how long can I expect it to take to get results of bud and how much can I expect?
  8. thanks for clarifying that. i suppose my real question is should the seedling phase be treated any different than the veg. phase for lighting purposes?
  9. No. Seedlings should get the same light cycle they will receive during the vegetative phase.
  10. You must be in an awful hurry to get nothing.
  11. Every guide, article and forum ive read basically states that light irregularity will usually be your number one reason for your plants going hermie.... aside from the pheno, though theres nothing irregular from starting at 12/12 and harvesting at 12/12, we arent talking about AUTOs here that basically do not respond to photo-periods... HOw will your plants know when to flower? when you shoot to 12/12... What do you do if our'e already at 12/12 ???

    Im not saying it will certainly INDUCE a hermathadites just cause unnecessary stress which= likeliness of hermathadites... while cutting down drastically on quantatity and quality... leaving you SOL when it comes to "quality vs. quantity" and a half-assed grow...

    Toasty if I may ask, in your experience, have you ever gone on a 12/12 shcedule from seedlng your'self?? I've heard of people doing sog in a shorter veg time but never on a short 12/12 regiment...

    Any ways, if time is of the essence, shorter veg time is completly possible, but why would you not allow your plant get to its full potential in a effective way.... We are here to grow, then improve on that ... all for the sake of every person with our unquie green fingers around the globe can grow the ubber, not the goober =)

    Much love though, I mean not to test, just dispute:smoking:

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