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light cycle with auto flowering plants

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Jk49230, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. whats up guys, for my next grow i was looking at the automatic ak-47 (ak-47xlowryder) from drchronic and was a little confused about the light cycle. can someone give me some tips or light cycles they have used? a grow journal would help me out also. thanks
  2. i think most autoflower crosses run 50/50

    so half of the plants flower early and half wait until photoperiod is right

    in theory the ones the flower early could be kept under 24/0 light and would grow best but the ones needing the photoperiod change would just keep veggin

    although Im not pos on ak x low
  3. thanks man, anymore help
  4. I am currently growing Lowryder X AK-47. The light schedule should remain at 20/4 during the entire grow. Very bushy and healthy. It has been an easy, easy plant to grow. Good luck!
  5. 24/0 even for flowering? :confused:
    I would assume treating like normal, but with those they go faster, so once you see sex is probably tall enough to put undr 12/12 or 10/14 :confused:, but I have never grown them,but I just built an aero bed and was thinking about starting some so this question works for me too,aswell to get my self ready!,,, :smoke:
  6. You can run 24/0 and they will be bigger. Some people argue that 20/4 is better, but it's not. They don't need the off time, if you want to save on electric then you can run 20/4. But if you run 24/0 they will finish 10-30% larger. I'm going to be on my 3rd auto grow soon.
  7. ToolMan1026.. Thanks I started my (jock horrer) 30 days with ffof soil and got the trio of nutes. Thinking when they flowered I would go to 20/4? Now I've heard what ever light u start with u finish with 24/0 (me) stay there is this true? Figured 24/0 and superthrive the whole time might stress theh? Think I'll go superthrive every other water for now on? They look very healthy one is 13'' other 10'' both bushy! Can you please please give me any advice using 8mixed CFL's and 175HPS water weekly. Thanks Ganja D!!!
  8. Can you change your light schedule? Had mine on 24/0 and they are starting to flower?
  9. For veg, go 18/6
    For flower, go 12/12.
  10. It's an autoflower not a photo period plant. You don't switch to 12/12 like reg plants. They flower at a certain time rather than when you switch the light cycle . Autoflowers shouldn't be under 12/12 I'd say 18/6 is the lowest for best bus production but you can go as much as 24/0
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    I always grow my auto's on 18/6. after many tests I found no discernable difference between 18/6 and 24/0 and chalked up the extra light hours a waste.

    12/12 is not a good idea, you may as well grow manuals
  12. 18/6 is the way to go. They do need a dark period for certain processes. Some people use 20/4 and have success as well. I have one that I am growing with photoperiods so it was under 18/6 then 12/12 and its doing fine, but definitely would have done better under 18/6 because the 12/12 kind of slowed the stretching from what I have seen with other people growing the same strain with similar amounts of lighting.
  13. Hey guys, I am going to be doing my first auto flower grow here in a few days.. I had an initial question about the light schedule but you guys have cleared that up nicely. My only other question is about the nutrients.. I'm running a 6 site bubbler from Stealth Hydroponics and my question is this, should I run veg nutrients until I see the pistils form then switch to bloom? This makes sense to me but I wanna be sure.. Thanks to whoever replies...
  14. spot on :)

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