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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by psilo, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. hola every peoples , long time reader here ... this is the best and most informative forum on growing I have found ... I have a question for the more seasoned growers out there :)

    I have a space which I am growing in (lights & soil set-up) I have two plants that are nice and budded with only afew weeks to go before being harvested. I wanted to get afew more clones growing so that I would be able to have a quick start on my next crop, so what I did was I got some clones and put them in with the budding plants which are currently on a 12 on 12 off light cycle. Well, Im sure you know what happened as I knew was going to happen, the clones, small babys tho they were, started to bud. SO , in 2 weeks I will harvest my nicely budded bubblegum ladies and what I am wondering is this : - If after havesting the mature plants I change the budding light cyle to the vegetative light cycle, will this have any derogitory effects on the small but already budding baby clones ??? I have concerns that a change in the light cycle to an already budding plant may stress it into turning male. I want to change it to a vegetative cycle because I want more than just afew little stocky bud-plants ... it just doesnt seem that productive for all the effort put in.
    Any help would be MOST appreciated :) Ciao !

  2. i wish i could answer the question for you, but i have a couple of questions, how long have the clones been in flower mode? ive taken clones that were 3 weeks into flowering and its taken about 2 mos to go back to veg stage. if you end up saving them, switch them back to a 24/0 llight scheadule
  3. hmmm, the longest clones (I got them at different times) have been in there for 3 weeks, the shortest ones have been in there for 1 week .... 2 months ?!?!?!?!?!?! shit thats a long fucking time ... oh well ...
  4. There is always a risk when changing light scheduals during flower. The most likely problem will be a certain amount of herme-ism. The cool part of what you are doing: put the clones back on 24s, they may revert to veg as soon as 2 weeks, and you will know this because the new flowerparts will begin to revert to leaves. A flower is only a modified leaf on any flowering plant. Watch those immature calyxes. and they will elongate, turn insideout, and become a rounded single-finger leaf. You are in full veg by this time. Each of the budding areas will produce a profusion of foliage, and a clump of small branches. These make super clones. I love to airlayer a revegged branch, and get a bushy clone growing right on the mother.
    Good 4 U, 4 getting so far on your own.
    Grow in peace and plenty...the earth girl

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