Light Cycle problem! Timer went off earlier than it should

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Joshuallan, May 20, 2016.

  1. Hello! I usually wake up with my box on, having it run from
    6:00PM - 12:00noon (18/6).

    2 seedlings, one new sprout, one about 6 days old.

    Today I woke up with the lights off, which freaked me out. The timer wasn't plugged well. I checked what time the timer went off and it turned off 3 hours earlier than it should have (died around 9am, so only 15 hours of light was given)

    My QUESTION is:
    a) Is this fine? I'm afraid they might Hermie cause of it, but research shows its okay.
    b) Do I turn on lights now and let it run 24 hours until desired time is calibrated again? (Back to 6pm on, 12noon off)
    c) Do I just keep it off until 6pm and continue such?

    What is the best option? Attatched images below for reference!

    Thanks, guys!

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  2. At the stage of life of your plants I wouldn't worry,

    I would just make sure the timer is secure and leave it.
    Your immature plants won't hermie.
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  3. Option C.

    Like RickSanchez said, your plants are immature, they'll be just fine.

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  4. Immature just means young, right? When can they start being called mature?

    Timer is secured in place and won't be falling off.. anytime soon unless someone actually kicks it lol

    Thank you Mayor and Rick!!
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  5. They're fine. At absolute most, you'll see a monster crop on one

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  6. Why do you think that? A small switch up in the light cycle has nothing to do with monster cropping.
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  7. Usually I consider the first 2-3ish weeks the seedling stage.
    Then, when they get multiple nodes and growth speeds up they're in vegging stage until you switch light cycles to flower. When they hit this stage I consider them mature.
  8. If he's rocking a weak fem, his fem could trigger. So like I said, at worst he'll see a mc.

    Light cycle is everything with monster crop. These newcomers call taking clones from flowering plants, monster cropping.

    They are wrong

    Newcomer = the Internet

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  9. Ok so here it is guys, my first post here. I've had several years of experience outdoors and have always had great results. Alot of my experience indoors has not been so good in the past, all due to my lack of understanding what the proper equipment to use was. Ive been reading these and other forums for months up to this point to get an idea of what i should be doing and here it is...
    4X4X7ft box with 600 cfm filter/exhaust, 200 cfm active "cool air intake"(outside air)(also pre-filtered), 400w MH, 1000w HPS, 4GAL soil buckets filled with fox farms ocean forest, grew from seed- vegged for 5-6 weeks after seedling stage (5 sets of true leaves), just flipped to 12/12 a week ago.
    So heres my problem and reason for posting in this thread. I'm currently running lights on from 4pm to 4am. problem is when i got home from work at noon the lights were ON ?!? I checked the timer and it appeared like it had been stuck "on" all night/morning so now its been lights on from 4pm yesterday to 12 noon today... Nearly 20 hrs !... I immediately shut the lights off to minimize what damage i thought was done... So if anyone else has had these problems or can provide any recommendations on where to go from here I'm "all ears"...
  10. According to some here, you just "monster cropped" your plants...

    They'll be fine. One bonk light cycle isn't gonna do anything to your plants. Just get em back on the schedule you initially set up and you won't notice a difference.
  11. Where do you get your information?

    Because it's absolutely wrong.

    A one day light screw up absolutely will not monster crop a seedling dude.
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  12. I'm still not quite sure what a "monster crop/cropped" plant is ?...
    As for your comment Mayor, you think i'm all set to kick the schedule right back to normal ? Is this the best option to minimize stress ?
  13. Monster cropping is when you take a clone from a plant in flower and revert it to vegetative state. It causes a bushier plant than the original mother with the potential for lotsa top colas.

    Absolutely you are set. One day is not going to freak a plant out that bad. It's constant light during a dark cycle that's really gonna wreck em.
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  14. "These newcomers call taking clones from flowering plants, monster cropping.

    They are wrong

    Newcomer = the Internet"

    Could you please explain what monster cropping is?


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  15. Triggering Florigen.

    Taking a cut from flowering plant that already has it... Re-vegging: Generally used when you've lost donor stock or you forget to time your perpetual grow properly.

    Will it produce more stalks? Sure, are those stalks the same as the correctly triggered monster-cropped plant, not even close.

    The primary difference:
    Jerry and mayor - pay attention, this is the last freebie you two get...

    When taking a cut off a flowering plants, apical dominance and the hormones responsible for it, have already been triggered. So the primary benefit of the monster crop is utterly lost.

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  16. I'm not getting into a debate about monster cropping, as I have never tried it because I find it to be a poor substitute for a genetically solid mother or some good beans.

    What I'm curious about here is why you think a four hour blip in the light cycle causes monster cropping in a seedling. You're literally the only person I've ever heard have that opinion.

    I think I'll be just fine without your freebies dude.
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  17. You're a riot! Thanks for the Friday night comedy.

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  18. I didn't say it 'would', I said it could...specific to a weak feminized seedling scenario.

    I'm almost sure I noted that it would be a worse case scenario. In fact, the only absolute I gave the poster... Was that they would be fine...
  19. This is a monster cropped clone[​IMG]

    I do it on purpose. It's my absolute favorite time to take clones as I usually Scrog. Clones taken in flower. They grow all fkd up and ugly at first as they stress out. It's all good. They snap back and the branching and bushiness helps to fill my nets easier. For me there's no draw back. Even my LST'd plants I prefer monster cropped clones. Not everyone does but through my experience I do and really let's face it, its our own opinions that matter so experiment and see what works best for you if you're interested. I did

    As far as your lighting, go back to normal bro. You'll be fine. Don't even sweat it. Don't know why monster cropping is even being brought up with a timer mishap. Take it from a monster cropper, it has nothing to do with your issue
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  20. We're talking about MJ here man, not some biochemically modified cyborg plant... Yes, you can take a cut from a flowering plant but as soon as you root that clone and force it back into veg, it is the same exact genetic makeup as the plant you cut it from. Hormones will also return to a normal level as the clone continues on into the veg cycle... I'm gonna have to agree with Jerry !
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