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Light cycle interrupted - will this screw my plants up?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by wharf rat, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. I made a new beam for my light and when I changed it out I unplugged the lights and timer. The timer's a digital model and plugging it back in didn't put it back to the programmed cycle. I noticed after one day and changed it but in the meantime it screwed up the cycle. The lights ran for 32 hours straight before being put back on their regular 12/12 cycle.

    I have two plants near the end of flowering, and three that were in veg until about 3 weeks ago. Any predictions on how badly this screwed the plants up?

    And, yeah -- I'm kicking myself in the butt for not checking the timer when I put it back up. It's a dumb ship noob mistake for sure. WR
  2. as long as your stains are stable , and you dont add too much more pain to em ..you should be fine.

    I think too much stock is put into treating cannabis with kiddie gloves..it enjoys some strife...LOL not unnatural light cycles ..but I bet your all ok.

    And yes I have done this ..and no my plants didin't turn hermie, matter of fact if your plants turn hermie ..it more then likely it is the strain ..I have tried to make stabalized strains hermie from stress and it takes ALOT, IMHO hermies are most common when growers use kind buds that have like 3 seeds to the ounce, with a few immature ones tossed in.

  3. I wouldn't worry either, that happened to me recently as well, just not for that long. I think they had one 21/3 day there last week. No noticeable change.
  4. Yeah, don't sweat it. But don't mess up the light cycles any more either...
  5. <homer simpson voice? "DOH!"
  6. Talk about treating them with "kiddie gloves", my power went out the other day and I started the generator when it didnt come back on in 5 mins. It was mid day, I would never have done that for myself. It was on an hour and a half later.

    I added a light and not in the right spot and when the timer turned off it didnt and was on all night. I am still in Veg so it probably not an issue at all.
  7. Hi, could you tell me if things turned all right after all? Same thing happened to me just today, 32 ours of light! I'm so angry i didn't pay atention(same programer problem). I know this thread whas posted a long time ago but i thought maybe you 'd get the message.
    (by he way, sorry for my bad english spelling)
  8. Is it bad to turn off the seedlings (1 week) light for a few hours after about 8 hours of light? Had unexpected visitors

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  9. No, and no posts in this thread for the past two years. Just better to start your own thread and ask your question.

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