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  1. I have a plant from a bagseed it's in a 11 liter pot and when I turned it to flower the whole plant was wilted the next day please help
  2. It's in mg organic. I use Alaska fish emulsion 5-1-1 every other watering. The light cycle is 18/6. I've topped it and it's done awesome until I tried to flower
  3. Also use a led light 23 watts and two 65 watt cfls
  4. Wilting is usually due to lack of water. Can you get a pic up?

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  6. Here's another

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  7. If the soil is constantly wet it can be overwatering. But it doesn't look too bad either way
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    I water when it's dry an inch down. I alternate nutes and water every three or four days.
  9. Looks ok to me. Were the leaves growing upward at a 45 angle before?

    Do you do the pick up test for watering?
  10. Yes I do the pickup test also And yes they were growing like that.
  11. I think your plants are healthy. They don't look wilted to me. The leaves sometimes have that vigorous look to them in veg and start to horizontal-out in flowering. Send some more updates in the next couple of days if things start to look any worse.
  12. Oh snap. How's your heat and ventilation? That may contribute too.
  13. They are not wilted now I should have mentioned that..sorry. It was just when I turned the light cycle to 12/12 it wilted. when put back to 18/6 light it jumped right back. My temp stays around 65 and I have a fan blowing when the lights are on.

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