light cycle change, any advice appreciated

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  1. First legitimate grow. I have two Blue Dream and two Skywalker Og clones in my 4x4x6 1/2 tent. Just installed cool air intake and exhaust and feel good about the temp (75-80). I started them on a 20-4 light cycle but after reading a little more I've decided I want to give them more rest. Would it be terrible to introduce a longer night at this point? I want to move to 18-6, my babies are clones 3 weeks old total on their own and I've had them at their currunt cycle for a week. Please help!
  2. No problems at all. Good luck with your grow!
  3. Thanks! Any advice on watering? I'm just going by feel at this point, watering them twice daily and soaking them pretty well.
  4. Are you in soil? You shouldnt be watering them twice daily. Maybe once every other day at best. Clones dont use a lot of water. Dont water unless the soil is dry! You are probably drowning them!
  5. HydroBuilder may be new around here but he knows the right advice for you -- you can switch to more dark if you want no worries (but minimum 18 hours of light while in veg), and watering twice a day is way too much. MJ is not a tropical rainforest plant, it needs to be watered well when you do water and then none at all until the soil dries out. That could be several days between waterings.
  6. Thank you sooo much for the love and advice. They already look happier \m/
    so far I've only given them distilled water. I have some nutes I got for free from my buddy that helped set me up but I'm lost on these feeding schedule charts. What's a good resource for learning feeding schedules?
  7. If your nutes have a schedule then that is your best info for how to use them. What do you have?
  8. I have fox farm's grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom, and magical (magnesium calcium and iron. I understand the usage instructions on the bottles, just not sure when to start using what
  9. oh and some bat guano
  10. My Skywalker OG is gorgeous!!!

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