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light controllers. help!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jergrow33, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So iv been researching the MLC 4x (master lighting control) and it requires a 240v input spitting onto 4 1000 watt 240/120 volt plugs. How can u have 110 and 220 in same outlet. Anyone have a mlc and use it? Plus its not UL approved so licensed electricians cannot legally install it.?
  2. It looks like the controller has a relay that can sense a 120v draw only use that side of the 240v leg.

    These controllers really need to run 240v ballast to be the most efficient.

    Are you wanting to use one of these so you can use one timer for the 4 lights?

    You can build one of these fairly easily:

    How to Build a Four Light Grow Light Controller for Less Than $80

    Basically you just need to power a relay with your timer that will switch the lights.
  3. Ya Its easy to build one. But yet piece of mind is always better. Yeah I would ru. 3 off of it at 240. But like I said the product is not UL I'm not sure what to think of that. Simply like ur saying anyone can wire something like it together. But all comes down to code in the US. And Any 240 outlet must be on its own circuit bteaker. Because with the 240v Mlc, of your ballast short out how will the main breaker shut off,if the mlc still draws power for four 1000 watt outlets. I can' find anyone on here so that also is strange it seems wayy more safe just to wire 5 new 15a circuits. ( breaker box is 5 feet from my room)then every light have own.circuit and.have plenty of work with.. so I wouldn't need.much wire or have to buy 240v ballast wires. And on ebay new.the mlc 4x is only 99$ so there not expensive..

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