Light cigarette brand suggestions?

Discussion in 'General' started by powderking, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. This is a question for those canadian tobacco smokers here. Ive been smoking primetimes for quite some time now and would like to try some cigs now. Can you recommend some good quality light brands please. I tried export a lights they were pretty good. I was thinking of trying peter jackson menthol and matinee next. thx guys :smoke:
  2. silk cut blue

    i dont know if these are available in canada , but there very popular in ireland
  3. Marlboro ultra lights, dont know if there in canada, but i know phillip morris is international
  4. why smoke lights? they have done studies that show they are really no different that normal cigs.

    They use a bigger filter, and they're slightly thinner, how is this healthier?
  5. it doesnt really have anything to do with health, i just didnt want to start full flavour cuz i heard there stronger.
  6. newport lights
  7. Wtf is wrong with you, you WANT to start smoking cigarettes?

    I reccommend Camels.
  8. Nat Sherman or American Spirit.
  9. don't do it, spend your money on buds
  10. ahaha no i just wanted to try them and see if nicotine buzz is any better than primetime. i wouldnt smoke them full time
  11. If you want a sick buzz get rolling tobacco, preferably drum.
  12. dont even start. its bad. worse than what they tell you.
  13. I heard its a bit habit-forming.
  14. just get newport 100's and take out the filter you vagina
  15. Don't know if you have Belmont in Canada, but in MY opinion, they are the best cigarettes in the whole world, it might just be me tho
  16. Go big or go home

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